10th October, 2010

Room 3.10




   Welcoming reception


11th October, 2010

Room 3.10


Opening session

9h10 – 9h40

J. B. CONWAY: Powers and direct sums

9h45 – 10h15

J. PARTINGTON: Inner functions, restricted shifts and interpolation

10h20 – 10h45 

Room 3.10

                      Coffee Break


10h45 – 11h15

Y. SPITKOVSKY: Kernels of asymmetric Toeplitz operators, and related almost periodic factorizations

11h20 – 11h50

C. BADEA: “Angle” between several subspaces and applications

11h55 – 12h25

E. VAZ: An application of the Riemann -Hilbert problem in General Relativity

12h30 – 14h00 

 Room 3.10



14h00 – 14h30

C. LE MERDY: Square function estimates for analytic operators and applications

14h35 – 15h05

E. STROUSE: Some simple Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space

15h10 – 15h40

M. T. MALHEIRO: Factorization on a torus and Riemann-Hilbert problems

15h45 – 16h05

M. CARLSSON: Finite interval convolution operators and a Beurling's theorem for L2((-1; 1))?

16h10 – 16h35

Room 4.35

                         Coffee Break

16h35 – 17h05

O. EL-FALLAH: Level sets and composition operators on the Dirichlet space

17h10 – 17h40

P. SANTOS: Banach algebra techniques for spline approximation methods


12th October, 2010

Room 3.10       

9h30 – 10h00    

F. SZAFRANIEC: An attempt at defining Hankel operators in unbounded domains

10h05 – 10h35

O. BLASCO: Mixed norms, Kellog spaces and Toeplitz operators

10h40 – 11h05  

Room 3.10

                      Coffee Break


11h05 – 11h35

M. MBEKHTA: On linear map preserving generalized invertibility

11h40 – 12h10

H. ZEROUALI: Spectral theory invariance under operator equations

12h15 – 12h35

A. KARLOVICH: Singular integral operators with slowly oscillating coefficients and slowly oscillating non-Carleman shifts

12h40 – 14h30

 Room 3.10



14h30 – 15h00

L. CASTRO: A transmission problem with imperfect contact on unbounded double periodic multiply connected domains

15h05 – 15h35

L. OLIVEIRA: On Lie ideals of nest algebras

15h40 – 16h10

L. RODMAN: Factorization vs invertibility


                     TEA PARTY


Almost all of the talks will take place in room 3.10. The only exception to this are the talks that will take place on Monday afternoon, starting at 16h35m, which will be held in room 4.35 on the fourth floor.

The welcoming reception, the coffee breaks and the final tea party will take place in the lounge next to room 3.10.

Finally, we have reserved room 3.31 (on the third floor) for the participants of the workshop to indulge in scientific discussions. Please make use of it!